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My Heart Goes out to the Orlando Victims

  This…isn’t an update or news about me. Rather it’s something a lot more important. Today I learned two very sad things today that happened. In just twenty four hours two horrible shootings occurred in Orlando Florida, one at a Gay night club and other to a popular Youtuber Christina Gimmie. These two events are terrible and my heart goes out to the victims families. I know I can’t do much for them, but please support the LGBT community and Gimmie’s family. Such things to happen in my own country are… Read more My Heart Goes out to the Orlando Victims

Kickstarter and Update

Due to some personal things, I urgently have had to do a Kickstarter. I am really nervous of course because this is my first time doing one and I’m afraid we won’t make it, but this is a big step for me even if I don’t. I had planned to wait, but circumstances changes and I need one to help keep funding the game. Here’s the Link Reach for the Stars Kickstarter So please, if you can, back it. Even the smallest amount helps us reach our goal. If you can’t,… Read more Kickstarter and Update